Teys USA

Client: Teys USA

Teys is a customer-focused, innovative protein solutions business that is uniquely positioned to draw on more than 70 years’ experience in the Australian beef industry. With a vertically integrated supply chain, Teys brings the greatness of grass-fed beef to North American consumers. Sourcing from Australia and around the world, including New Zealand, Ireland, Central, and South America, Teys is all about feeding people and enriching lives.

As an international company looking to grow in a new market, Teys needed a centralized place to manage customers and sales that could interact with their inventory system. Teys implemented Salesforce for the CRM solution and came to CloudMasonry to create a user-friendly and efficient environment to increase user adoption and productivity.

CloudMasonry partnered with the Teys USA sales operations team to provide strategic recommendations to enhance its new deployment of Salesforce. Working with Teys, CloudMasonry has further automated its use of Salesforce with the addition of industry-leading 3rd party tools and configuration of native platform-provided functionality.


Teys USA has seen its sales team embrace Salesforce due to the improved system architecture and add-ons. Ongoing support allows Teys USA to continue engaging with CloudMasonry to iterate and improve based on continued growth and user feedback.

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