Strata Decision Technology

Client: Strata Decision Technology

Strata Decision Technology, a computer software company that provides financial planning, decision support, and continuous cost improvement for healthcare professionals. Strata Decision Technologies’ customer base includes 1,000 hospitals in the U.S.

Strata Decisions is undergoing a period of transformation where the identity of their business is shifting from start-up mode to being a large enterprise application and services provider. This has created an inflection point that necessitates a revision of their core architecture as well as augmentation of their current business processes to ensure they can keep up with growing customer needs.

CloudMasonry started the engagement with Strata by performing a “Report Card” exercise to assess the current state of the Salesforce platform. This was used to create a prioritized roadmap of initiatives to execute while ensuring that we mitigated any risk of unintentionally negatively impacting some other aspects of their environment. We then executed on those tasks in an agile fashion while adhering to strict governance and testing requirements from the business.


Strata was able to reduce the cost to implement new functionality and better understand the environment’s ability to align with their constantly changing business needs.

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