Client: Prosci

Founded in 1994, Prosci is the global leader in change management and the provider of choice for 80% of Fortune 100 companies. Prosci combines scientific research with the people side of change to deliver results-focused solutions that enable clients to achieve change outcomes and grow organizational change capability.

Prosci was in need of a Salesforce focused consulting partner as they undertook a substantial redesign of the technology they leverage to collaborate with their customers. As an organization with a global presence, Prosci needed a solution that was both flexible but also globally compliant.

CloudMasonry in collaboration with Prosci and other 3rd parties conducted collaborative system design sessions. With these initial designs in mind, CloudMasonry undertook an iterative process of development to ensure alignment between Salesforce end-user expectations and the needs of downstream integrated business systems.


By going through the iterative design and build process, CloudMasonry was able to deliver a system design that allowed for minimal impact to existing user experience, while still providing the newly integrated systems the information they required.

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