Ovation Fertility

Client: Ovation Fertility

Ovation Fertility is a leading provider of IVF treatments in the United States. As a collection of genetics labs, Ovation shares research, experience, and best practices, to ensure the care provided by Ovation Fertility and its affiliated physicians is fundamentally greater.

As a leading provider of IVF, Ovation Fertility looked to enhance their use of Salesforce to enable more seamless client communication and to provide greater visibility to near real-time operational data.

In collaboration with Ovation Fertility, CloudMasonry undertook an iterative design and development process to allow for multiple points of end-user feedback and extensive system testing.


Users of Salesforce were able to collaborate with both internal and external parties while leveraging near real-time operational data without leaving Salesforce. This has enabled a more responsive client experience without requiring any additional Ovation resources.

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