Client: CREXi

CREXi is a commercial real estate community, marketplace, and technology company that simplifies transactions and accelerates business for brokers, buyers, agents and tenants.

As a technology platform experiencing tremendous growth, CREXi was in search of a Salesforce focused consultancy to provide ongoing support and solution guidance to ensure their Salesforce environment could keep up with the changing needs of their business.

CloudMasonry in collaboration with CREXi put in place an innovation cadence that allowed for business system requirements to be routed to CloudMasonry based on either their complexity or required effort to ensure the CREXi operations team could maintain focus while still keeping pace with new requests.


The innovation cadence introduced by CloudMasonry has allowed CREXi to be responsive to the changing needs of their business without substantially growing the size of their internal support team. It has allowed for tasks to be routed to those most skilled to complete them and through this innovation cadence, ensured a positive end-user experience.

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