Bernie’s Book Bank

Client: Bernie's Book Bank

Bernie’s Book Bank is a non-profit organization that works to transform the journey of thousands of under-served children by providing them the tools they need to become successful readers. They are the leading provider of quality books to under-served children in the Chicagoland area.

As a fast-growing non-profit looking to expand their reach, Bernie’s needed a place where they could organize donors, grants, volunteers, as well as their distribution system of schools, routes, and book counts. Bernie’s came to CloudMasonry to help restructure their Salesforce instance so that all workers and volunteers alike could have a better user experience and get meaningful insight from the data.

CloudMasonry took a phased approach to handle the different facets of Bernie’s Salesforce organization, first focusing on segmenting donors for marketing efforts. The volunteer portal and sign-up system was streamlined and strategic recommendations were given to improve the book distribution process.


The Bernie’s team can better anticipate their need and grow their programs with the help of donor segmenting and executive dashboards. Additionally, the improved volunteer portal increases the volunteer return rate.

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