Client: Beamery

Beamery is a Candidate Relationship software company that allows companies to attract, identify, and engage candidates on a single unified platform. Founded in 2014, Beamery has over 130 employees worldwide with offices in London, Austin, and San Francisco.

Beamery is currently in a period of high business growth. Their need for flexibility and near-continuous evolution of their Salesforce environment was placing tremendous strain on their existing support structure. This disconnect ultimately impacted their ability to respond to the needs of their internal stakeholders, hampered user adoption, reduced data quality, and limited end-user efficiency.

CloudMasonry performed several strategic workshops with various members of the sales and customer success teams within Beamery. These sessions highlighted immediate opportunities for Salesforce improvement while informing recommendations on an ongoing innovation model to ensure quick responses to opportunities for further enhancement in the future.


By going through this exercise, Beamery was able to unlock Salesforce functionality that was hindered by their previous system architecture. They were able to introduce a new standardized global sales process while providing their executives with significantly enhanced reporting and analytics. In addition, Beamery has introduced an ongoing cadence of monthly improvements/releases to ensure their Salesforce environment remains a strategic advantage for their users and a force multiplier for their company as a whole.

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